Artist Statement

Whether I am styling a bonsai tree or a container for one, my work grows out of and is formed from the earth. The beauty of bonsai is in its composition, and the pot that completes the composition must be original. I strive to create pots that complement, not compete with, the tree. Seeing my pots married harmoniously with beautiful bonsai fills me with a great sense of contentment.

I enjoy the plasticity of the wet clay which embodies a spirit I like to see maintained in my finished work. Inspired by the pottery of Bizen and Shigaraki, Japan, and the subtle imperfection of classical tea bowls, I have begun to explore the effects of wood firing my pots. The organic changes between dense and sparse areas of wood ash reveal the process and direction of the fire. I enjoy this because traces of the process are always evident. To me, bonsai pots should feel spontaneous, yet comfortable, by balancing control over the medium and then letting go in the end to the heat and fire. In the same way a beautiful bonsai will visually express the story of its life, I strive to give a voice to my pots.